Can You Help A Hospitality Management Student With His Homework?


Hi Scott..
I am am a 1st year student studying international hospitality management, my studies are doing well, but have come to a stumbling block on a module, the module is room divisions operations.

Here's the outline to my assignment:

Discuss the efficacy of accommodation classification and rating systems and their impacts upon operations of contemporary accommodation.

You should consider various factors and their impacts on the national/international accommodation sector, such as:

• Presence of accommodation classification / rating system;
• Assessment bodies’ policies, practice and standard;
• Impact of classification / rating on market; and,
• Impacts on operations of accommodation business

And discuss the benefits and challenges the classification and rating systems may have impact upon accommodation management.

I am a little lost which direction I want to go with this, and where to research?
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

I have been researching on the internet but coming up stump, was trying to find authors or articles using the net as a search guide, but as I have no knowledge in this area, it's kinda confusing where to look..

Thank you once again.
Gareth Williams - Student at University of Derby
Derby, United Kingdom

So, can any of you super knowledgeable, successful & kind people Help Gareth?

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