Forced 15% Gratuity / Tip For Guests That Don’t Speak English


Yes, it’s actually happened in Hawaii in 2011. That’s not the only place either. According to The Huffington Post, "At least two restaurants in Burlington, Vt., charged a French-speaking family an automatic tip, Seven Days reports. These restaurants say they charge foreigners extra because they assume they are bad tippers.”

I just saw this but wanted to shine some light on it. A restaurant in Honolulu, Keoni by Keo’s, has printed this policy on their menu. The menu also says parties of six or more will be charged the same amount.

The Waikiki restaurant told a reporter at KITV that, "its customer base includes many international travelers who, by custom, do not tip. The restaurant says it's merely trying to help its customers and wait staff."

The restaurant also said, "IRS rules require the restaurant to consider 8 percent of its total sales as tips, so waiters must pay taxes, even on tips they often do not receive."

The policy is printed in red on the customer's check and is explained when the customer pays at the register. The restaurant said if the customer does not want to pay the gratuity, then they simply don’t.


What do you think?

Have you seen this happen anywhere?

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