Great Tip Stories - What’s The Best Gratuity You’ve Ever Gotten?

What’s The Best Thing A Customer Has Ever Done For You?
What's the best tipping story that you've ever heard of?

In my experience, great Tips aren’t always cash.

I've been very fortunate over the years with a lot of great tips but the ones I remember the best weren’t always money.

I’ll start...
I like hockey and I am a huge fan of Wayne Gretzky, who isn’t? He is the best player in the history of the game.
I worked at the busiest nightclub in Vancouver where all the players would come after games.

I ended up being friends with a lot of great players. Peter Nedved was a rookie playing for Vancouver and would bring his mom in, very cool actually.

Anyway, he was as big a fan of Gretzky as I was and he gave me 2 front row tickets to see Gretzky play. Amazing night.

Seeing the greatest player in the history of the game from that close where you could hear them talking to each other was a night I will never forget.

Eventually, Wayne came into the bar when I was working and I got to serve him, but that’s another story :)

Another time, a great customer was a top security guy at the stadium where all the concerts were held.
My awesome regular customer knew I had average tickets to see Aerosmith on my birthday.
He told me to meet him at a certain place and he took me, and an exceptionally impressed young lady, all the way to front row center.

It was the floor and everyone was out of their seats and standing and he just moved people, everyone, out of the way for us until we were at the front.

He was like a snow plow. WOW. What a difference being that close.

Ok, now it’s your turn. Tell us about your stories.

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