How Much Do Bartenders Make?

How much do bartenders make? Bartenders Mike Guthrie & Micah Hand show you :) Augusta, Georgia, USA.

How much do bartenders make? Bartenders Mike Guthrie & Micah Hand show you :)
Augusta, Georgia, USA.

A: The questions that many want to know is, how much do bartenders make? If I get a bar job will I make a bartender salary?

A bartender salary only happens when you take on management duties as well and you may make less money. It's all about the tips. You can make anywhere from $20 per shift plus your hourly wage to $100 - $200 per shift.
It can go even as high as $400 - $500 or more and everywhere in between.

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Seriously, $14.95 per month is nothing as a bartender.
There are a lot of ways to make that… 3 people tip you $5.
15 people tip you $1. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind
that you will make your money back tenfold and more.

“Do what you do so well that they will
Want to see it again and bring their friends.”
Walt Disney

Like most industries, the better you are at what you do,
the more choices & opportunities you'll have.
But, there are many factors involved.
- Are you a bar back, bar porter or the bartender?
- What bar job venue do you work at?
- What type of bar/venue it is.
- How good is the location of your bar?

- What days or nights you work as a bartender
- How busy/popular your bar is.
- Which pouring station or well you are given?
- What other bartender/s you work with if you split tips?

- Are you a mostly serving waitresses bartender
  or a serving the guests directly bartender?

- How do you compare to the other bartenders in your city?
- How do you compare with the other bartenders in your own bar?
** And maybe the most important one….
- What level of skill, attitude & motivation YOU have.

It’s easy to say that the bartender who makes the most is the one who works a really busy sat night shift. And that’s usually true.
However, I have known lot’s of highly skilled bartenders who worked medium & even slow nights or days that, because of their overall excellence, made a whole bunch of money.

Or, that bartender started on the slower shifts and built them up because people wanted to come back and be served by them.

So, how much do bartenders make? A lot more in tips than on a bartender salary, and a lot more if you pick up a bartender book or 2 to continue learning.

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