How To Make More Tips - Tip #1 Standout From The Crowd

Give people a reason to choose to be served by you. Hopefully, a whole bunch of reasons! 

Do You Want To Make More Money in Tips Than You Ever Have Before? If nothing changes, then nothing changes.
Go out of your way to create a better overall guest experience by creating a friendly and caring connection with every one of your guests.
We want you to really take ownership and responsibility for your contribution to their experience.
- Don’t be afraid to experiment, take chances, make mistakes, learn how to deal with your mistakes.
- Keep your mind open to new & crazy ideas and add your own twist to them.
- Become the bartender and person that you want to be.
- Don’t just follow the lead from a burned out co-worker who doesn’t really care anymore.
- Don’t be afraid to care enough to think about how to be better. At anything & everything you do.

Are you sitting down? Get a blank piece of paper and a pen.
I want you to think about all the bartenders that you’ve ever seen and I want you to make a list of all the things that you have seen them do or say that you think is bad.
Actually, a good field trip is to go out one night to a few different bars and sit at the bar as close to their “ice well” (where they actually make the drinks) as you can. This way, you can observe them and listen to what they say to their guests and more importantly, how they say it.

Look for things that most bartenders do badly or not at all.
That is your first step to standing out from the crowd. Once you have a list of these things you can focus on them and make sure that you make an extra special effort and you excel at them.
Here are a few a few things to start out with:
·      Serving Water to Customers
·      Handling Problem Situations That Customers Bring to Your Attention
·      Being Fast and Efficient When it’s Busy
When you have your list (and as you go through this course) I want you to keep an open mind and ask yourself this question for each of the 199 suggestions and ideas.
How Many Other Bartenders Do This?
If the answer is “Not very many, not very well or not very often…”
then you have an opportunity to really stand out from the crowd and make a great impression…
Acting on that suggestion will increases your odds that you’ll get a tip,
get a bigger tip, and get tipped more often!
That is what this course is all about: Increasing your odds or chances to make more money. That is what I have consciously tried to do every time I step behind the bar.
A long time ago, my mom taught me this…
“You can’t do everything… But…
Have you done everything that you CAN do?"
That one thing really “clicked” with me and
I ask myself that question every day, usually a bunch of times.
Because it makes me focus on what’s important:
The things that I CAN do. The things that I CAN control.
Time Well Spent? Or Time Wasted?
Without getting into religious or philosophical issues, let’s assume for the moment that we have only one life to live. No one knows how long we will live so let’s “assume” that we want to make the most out of whatever time we have.
I want to make enough money to support myself and my family and have a good life. I have chosen bartending as my job/career. If I have an eight hour shift then my goal is to make the most money I can in that time.
*** The 6% Rule
I added another question/concept to my daily lifetime plan and I call it my 6% rule. I teach it to all my students at our staff training seminars.
Whenever I’m considering doing something new, like you will be as you go through this course, I try to "step back” and see the “big picture”.
I try my best to keep an open mind and erase any pre-conceived opinions.
Just because you or someone else has been doing something a certain way for a month, a year or a lifetime... doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to do it or that it’s the best way.
Lots of people get very “stuck” on one way to do things and that makes it very hard for them to improve, which is always my goal.
So, I ask myself, “If I do this a new way, will it increase my chances of success? Even a tiny little bit? Even 6%?”
I don’t know where I came up with that number, but I guess it just helps me figure out difficult questions that may not have any direct evidence to prove one way or another.
I find a lot of things in life are like this so I just have to keep an open mind and really listen to and consider the new idea and then make my best guess.
Here’s an easy example
Question: If I smile more when I’m bartending, will that help me get more tips? Even for 6% of the people I serve? Will 6 people out of 100 tip me more, if I smile more often?
Answer: Absolutely it will. Six people out of a hundred? That’s a no brainer. Yes, yes, yes!

Conclusion: It’s worth my time to really make an effort at smiling more. It’s “Time Well Spent”.
Action: I will make a conscious effort to smile more.
Final Outcome: I will probably make more money in tips. :)

That’s how I evaluate adding something to my game plan or strategy or blueprint to how I’m going to act or deal with something.

Does that make sense? It does to me and that’s how I approach things.

What Are your thoughts or suggestions on how to make more tips?

“If you always do what you’ve always done,
you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”
-Ed Foreman

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