Who Is Scott Young? - By Harrison Barr

Scott Young teaches bartending classes to have more fun.

Scott Young teaches bartending classes to have more fun.

I met Scott Young when I was a young, naïve bar porter at The Roxy Cabaret, Vancouver, 1991. And I am going to admit right now that he annoyed the crap out of me. Why? Because Scotty was better than I was at what we were doing. Or at least that’s what I thought about him at the time. 

He’d come into work like he’d just gotten out of bed (he had). Set up his ice well. The night would get moving and he would flip bottles, pour drinks, flirt, charm, and dazzle guests at the bar all night. Then he’d leave with a ton of cash in his pocket and tip me out a decent percentage of that total. I resented him. 

Resentment, stupid right? As time went by I realized that it wasn't Scotty’s skills as a bartender and mixologist that bothered me so much. You had to be impressed with his flair bartending skills. But I had skills in other ways. Technically I was good and fast. I made a mean Caesar. Yet the wake up call for me came much later, years later in fact. The stark realization? I envied his attitude. 
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Attitude is everything. The right attitude brings in big money. 

Scotty had the best damn attitude about bartending that I’d ever come across. He was literally good with everybody. Nothing fazed him. He wouldn't get upset at all. Everyone was welcome to his bar and he always offered good service to all. He entertained. He took care of people and in turn people took care of him in the form of money, opportunities, and let’s just say various perks that come with the bartender’s job. 

I didn't have that attitude. Nor did I have his level of success at bartending.  

But this isn't about me. This is about Scott and the bartenders Book he’s written and compiled for you.  

It’s about your bartending career, your service career, your money and your success.  

199 Ways to Increase Your Tips is your eBook to bartending success.  

Subtitled How to Become a Truly Exceptional Bartender, 199 Ways to Increase Your Tips is the result of 1,000s of discussions with fellow bartenders as he traveled around the world teaching bartending classes, but also listening & learning.

Bartenders all sharing their passion and advice for their craft. Unique perspectives from those behind the wood, as they say.  His first eBook also comes from his own trial and error serving hundreds of thousands of people.

This unique eBook will, if you follow its advice, make you a truly exceptional bartender. It is the first step in bartending training in order to get you to that next level and outperform those around you. No matter how long you've been bartending, It is about how to become a bartender that stands out from the crowd.

199 Ways to Increase Your Tips is not just about bartending 

Servers and managers can benefit too! This insightful reference reads part smart business and part good bartender’s story. It is your guide to customer service with style. Seriously, anyone in the hospitality industry can benefit!

Yes, it’s written from the unique perspective of the night club bartender. It’s also a manual for any owner or manager on best practices for your staff.   

While Scotty poured behind the front bar at Vancouver’s notoriously famous The Roxy for over a decade he was studying. Even when traveling the world teaching his Bar Smart courses Scotty used to draw stories from many of his students. What kind of bartender were they? What are your experiences? 

Bartending is really so much more than just pouring a drink. The business is public relations. You’re a “good time” creator, a guru, a craftsman, a creator of memories.  

Whether you’re tattooed, pierced female bartender pouring for her admirers or a 5 star male cocktail maestro commanding a fine dining bar, you will have something to gain reading this book Regardless of how long you've been behind the wood.

Scotty studied bartending as a business and a craft. He formed his own flair bartending training company and the rest took off from there.  

In his years of teaching flair with his company Bar Smart Inc and later through the website ExtremeBartending.com Scott Young realized there is always a lesson to be learned in any situation. That’s where 199 Ways to Increase Your Tips enters. Scott’s 25 year career talking with bartenders result in a definitive reference for making more tips in the bar industry. And it goes far beyond night clubs and flair. 

199 Ways to Increase your Tips will give you confidence. The money is a bonus. 

Whether you are a bartender, server or manager 199 Ways to Increase Your Tips has something to offer you. Waitresses, all the customer service tips apply and Managers, you know as well as I do. Big tips are a direct result of big sales which makes a happy bar manager and happy bar tenders don't steal or change jobs.

What was the key to Scotty’s attitude and resultant success? Well, the right attitude comes from the right mind set. Scotty’s mind set is entrepreneurial. That is the key. Scotty was the first guy I knew to approach bartending not just some job, but see its potential as a personal business! 

Scotty recognized the potential of his situation. His great attitude, skill and his ability to relate to people were assets he capitalized on.  

Work on your skills by applying the advice in 199 Ways to Increase Your Tips: How to Become a Truly Exceptional Bartender. Dare to practice in your spare time. Get into it. Study the liquor you use. Create the drinks you makeUnderstand and relate to the people you meet. Understand PR. Treat bartending as your own personal business. Treat your customers/guests with enthusiasm. With success comes money. In fact, you can 

Make thousands more dollars a year.

Start by investing your hard earned money in becoming better. Invest in yourself. 

Buy 199 Ways to Increase Your Tips today!   Only $9.99  ( Over 300 Pages )
Gain confidence. Gain skill. Earn more tips. Everyone is happy. You have everything to gain and really nothing to lose. ( See Scott's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee )

Thanks, Scott for writing this bartender book. It’s an asset for any bar tender.
I wish I had it when I was still a bartender :)

Cheers to all! 

Harrison Barr 
Former Roxy Bartender and 10 year Granville Entertainment veteran 

PSIT’S GUARANTEED! Scott says if you don’t cover the cost of the eBook after one week of applying its advice, then he will refund your money. It’s based on the honor system...don’t hesitate.