100 Liqueurs & Their Tastes That Every Bartender Should Know

What do you think should be added or deleted?

I’m trying to put together a good list that are the most popular/go to/have to have bottles of alcohol in your bar or at least know about.
This is Not a complete list by any stretch which is why i’m asking for your input please.

It was a hard one to specify because there are so many Liqueurs and Liquors so I really mean both. I just threw together that list off the top of my head knowing i'd be missing a lot.
So, basically any kind of alcohol you think EVERY bartender should know about in order to be prepared to work in many places.

Also, so many different types of bars.
That's why i'm asking for help so nothing falls through the cracks.
Thanks again :)

The words liqueurs and cordials are used interchangeably. Liqueurs were first developed by the Christian monks of the middle ages.
They were developed to help the sick. The monks added secret combinations of honey, seeds, herbs, spices, roots, and bark to distilled-base spirits and offered them as remedies.


After Shock  
Alize Blue
Alize Gold
Alize Red


Apricot Brandy

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Bailey's Irish Crème  
Banana Liqueur  
Benedictine & Brandy or B &B (D.O.M.)  
Blackberry Liqueur  
Blue Curacao
Butter Ripple Schnapps

Cactus Juice




Cherry Brandy
Cherry Marnier

Cinnamon Schnapps
Cranberry Liqueur  
Cream Liqueurs  
- White Creme De Cacao  
- Creme De Menthe Green
 - White Creme De Menthe
- Creme De Banana
- Crème de Cassis

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Fino Sherry

Fire Water Cinnamon Schnapps
Fruit Liqueurs  
Fruit-Flavored Brandy  
Grand Marnier

Irish Mist
Jack Daniels
Josie Frambois
Licor 43  
Licor de Pina
Lochan Ora
Long Island Ice teaLychee Soho

Mandarine Napoleon
Marashino Liqueur
Marie Brizard Chocolat
Marie Bizzard Watermelon -

Melon Liquor  
Moet Petit Liqueur  
Nassau Royale
O Cha -

Pama Pomegranate -

Petite Liqueur
Pimm's Cup  
Pisco Brandy
Rock N’ Rye
Rumple Minze
San Francisco Cookies & Cream
Sloe Gin
Sour Puss Apple
Sour Puss Raspberry

Southern Comfort
Tia Maria  
Triple Sec  
Wild Turkey Liqueur
Yukon Jack -

Thanks for your input :)

Scott Young -
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Can Bartenders Still Work As They Get Older? 40’s, 50’s, 60’s?

Bill the Bartender- Owner, www.BillTheBartender.Com

Bill the Bartender- Owner, www.BillTheBartender.Com

Bartending is a true profession & can be a lifetime career until retirement for many people. That is If the person is really good at their job & healthy.

With all the different types of bars in the world that need bartenders…casinos, resorts, hotels, neighborhood pubs, casual restaurants, fine dining restaurants, nightclubs, cruise ships... not to mention working special events, weddings, trade shows, etc.….

I strongly believe that Bartending isn’t only for “Twenty Somethings” working in a hip hop dance nightclub for other “Twenty Somethings”.

This issue was very personal for me. Scott Young -
Founder of www.ExtremeBartending.Com , www.TheBartendingMasters.com, and www.NightclubBarAndRestaurantTraining.Com, me :).

A few years ago, I was involved in a bad car accident and court case where the insurance company was arguing against this. They were trying to convince me that I was really too old to work a bar job anymore.

I think they’re quote was something insulting like, “ Well, bartending is for young good looking people isn’t it? And you’re getting older so even if you could bartend now how many years could you really do it?" ( I couldn’t because of injuries after my car was rear ended by a cement truck ).

The big bad insurance company was of course trying to minimize what they would have to pay out.

So, I posted this question on my Facebook Page & a few of my groups on Linkedin to find out and have some actual evidence from real people to back it up.
We got some really great answers so I wanted to keep the discussion going here on my blog.




1) Are you bartending and How old are you?

2) How do you find that your age, old or young, affects your performance, the way staff, customers and managers treat you?

3) Do you know of any older bartenders than you? How are they doing?

4) Stories to share? We’d all love to hear them.

What do you think?
Same questions about Waiters/Waitresses/Servers etc. and Bartending & Customer Service Trainers?

Thank you for your input :)

Scott Young
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Benefits of Private Party Bar Tendering Jobs

Photo by www.bartendersincny.com

Photo by www.bartendersincny.com

Get this and hundreds more at our Huge New Online Training Library.  www.NightclubBarandRestaurantTraining.com

Get this and hundreds more at our Huge New Online Training Library. www.NightclubBarandRestaurantTraining.com

If you are like me, Ebin Mathew, every new day should bring something to celebrate. Birthdays, baby and bridal showers, graduations, the list is endless. With an endless list of parties come an infinite number of jobs.

A search on professional bar tendering services on the net brings impressive results. Some bartenders have their own websites that are so interactive. 

On one website that I clicked on, I was immediately directed to an online form that was very precise.

The website designer assumed that everyone who clicked on that site was actually looking to get a bar tender for his private party. He wasn’t taking any chances and I must say, I got a little curious.

Once you fill out the location of your party and the number of guests you expect and what you would like to serve, you can actually get a quotation and if you’d like, you can get a price quotation from his competitors. That makes works so much easier on the client, don’t you think? I didn’t fill it out but it got me thinking of how much competition there is out there for bar tendering jobs.

Let’s assume that you are a professional bartender. You went to school and you have learned a lot from your job. You would now like to branch out on your own and be your own man, at least part-time. What do you think I’d say to that? I’d say get out and do it! The alcohol business is good! In some quarters, it is referred to as a recession-proof business.

Do you have everything you need? Start small. Have a business plan. Get a business name and register that name. Next, obtain a business license. Since we are starting small, you will not need a lot of supplies. All that now remains is for you to market yourself. Talk to people, and keep on talking to them to ask for referrals. Print out flyers, business cards and place your ad for free online. Work hard to get your name out there. Trust me when I say that if you get a job and you do it as professionally as you can, the jobs will start rolling in.

Do you know why it’s worth the effort? There is a lot that you can gain by working as a professional bartender for private parties. Let us start with the people that you will meet. If you are a social person, you will enjoy this job as you will meet an interesting mix of people.

With every different job comes a different mix of characters. What of the venues that the parties are hosted? They may be as varied as can be. With everyone wanting to have a ‘unique’ party, don’t be surprised if you find yourself setting up at a venue you least expected.

To add value to your services, why don’t you think of adding snacks, gift baskets? With some forethought and proper budgeting, you can make an extra dollar on top of what you would have made from the sale of alcohol and tips. There is no limit to what you can do to make more money.

One person who runs a mobile bartending business brings in an atm for the revelers to get cash. As time goes by and you gain more experience bartending for private parties, you will have a few more tricks up your sleeve to get out more cash per gig. As long as you don’t compromise on your quality of service, clients will not mind taking out more money from their pockets for tips or any other services that you will provide.

Another good thing about working at private parties is that it gives you a much more flexible schedule. You may not land a job every other day, and that may be a good thing. It will allow you to keep another job, maybe at a hotel or club or maybe even pay your tuition fees as you go to college.

With the amount money that is sitting this business, its flexible hours and the amount of fun that is just waiting to be had, you would be a fool not to try a hand at bartending at private parties.

What do you think?
Have you ever worked for or started your own mobile bartending or special event company?

Ebin Mathew is a freelance writer with over 10 years’ experience in authoritative essay writing companies. He is enjoying writing about current trends and innovations in education, technology, online business and traveling.

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Scott Young -
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Becoming A Bartender. Why Do You Want To Be a GREAT Bartender?

Becoming a bartender with barwoman Perri.

Becoming a bartender with barwoman Perri.

Average servers work in average bar jobs, get average shifts, complain about everything, and make average money.
Scott Young
What do you like about a bar job?
Why not be average? Why make an extra effort?
What benefits are there to continue your learning & bartending training?

Have you found your passion in your work?

What inspires you to do what you do?

When you were becoming a bartender, what have you personally seen or gotten because of a choice to continue to improve? 
What motivates you to care enough about the job and your life, to think about how you can be a better Bartender? …an exceptional Bartender?

( I say this to every bartending school class I teach )
Why are you here today? 
I believe that it is imperative to understand why we want to do something before we do it.  This helps us to focus and do a good job.  For example, did you know that dolphins are so efficient at finding food for themselves and their young that they have freedom from worry and can devote a large percentage of their time for just playing?

Doesn't that sound great?  That’s what I want to be, a dolphin.
I am Still Learning - Michelangelo & especially me, Scott Young ;)

When I work a bar job, I want to be the best at what I do so that I’ll make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time which gives me freedom from worry. 

I want to be the best bartender at my bar so that my employers will want me to stay,
give me job security, better shifts, raises, bonuses, flexibility of schedule and pats on the back, etc., all of which gives me freedom from worry.
I also want to be the best at my job because if I ever choose to leave my present employer, I want other offers lining up the same day, which also gives me freedom from worry. 

It’s a simple case of supply and demand.
The best have more fun, get better offers and more freedom. 
So, why not be the best?

So, tell us the story of when you were becoming a bartender.

What are your thought on this subject?

Do You Agree?
Do You Dis-Agree?
Do You Have Any Stories?

Post Your Comments & Share Below.
Thank you :)

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