Is It Acceptable For Bartenders To Drink Alcohol On The Job?


Are you for or against this?
I want to know what you think and why.
This may not be as simple a question as it seems.

Before you answer,
consider these factors and the concept of different approaches working in different situations.

The country you work in, i.e. laws differ, cultures differ

- city, small town, resort, cruise ship
- Type of bar job- Nightclub, pub, 5 star restaurant, beer joint on the beach etc.

Or, is it a totally black & white issue?...

Questions to you…

- Is is actually illegal for bartenders to drink while working where you live?
  Or is a it a by-law in some places or what?

- What are the legal consequences of drinking on shift? Give examples.

- Is it regularly enforced?
- Are you for or against drinking on shift?
- Under what circumstances?

- What are the Pro's and Con's?

- Have you ever had a drink or drinks while on a bar shift?
- Good or bad stories to share?
- What country & city are you in?

- If you were to allow this...
What control measure would you use to stop the bartenders from over indulging and becoming intoxicated? ( Thanks to Uber pro manager Anthony Smith BSc. for this question )

Thanks to Nina Young - Resourcing Director @ Fluid Fusion - drinks recruitment & jobs. and the Spirits Business for this great question.

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