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Working Flair Bartending Starter Series DVD Box Set
Created By Scott Young

7.5 Hours
Includes: 5 Full Length Videos
Flair Bartending 101
Volumes 1, 2, 3,
And 4 ( Competition Highlights From Working Flair Contests, bloopers & Stories )

(DVD Disc # 1 And Disc # 2) Step by Step & Slow Motion Instruction to learn 240 flair bartending moves.

Listen to our Team as we discuss each move and talk you through it as we demonstrate each move 5 times.

It's like we are actually right there with you, coaching & giving you our secrets.

( The original cost of these 5 volumes, if bought separately for $30-$45 each, was $180 ).
You just can't beat our prices or the quality of our teaching.

Yes, It's Possible & We'll Teach You How.

Difficulty of Flair Bartending Increases with Each Volume.
The one series you really need from the team that has helped introduce the world to Flairtending.

The World's # 1 Flair Bartender Training Program since 1994. ( 20 Years of teaching )
Tens of Thousands of bartenders have learned with this DVD Series.

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