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I want to introduce you to - The job website dedicated exclusively to the Hospitality Industry.
Enrollment is Free for Employers and Job-Seekers.
It's quick, easy and, well worth joining. was conceived, built and is run by seasoned professionals with one goal in mind:
To be the best employment website for the Hospitality Industry. They cover US and Canada for now, with plans to expand soon.

I interviewed Melina A. Moscovitch, Head of Operations, Implementation and Strategy of this much needed and useful website.
She says,”We want to bring employers and employees together as fast & easily as possible and
because signing up is free for employers and employees, we are growing very rapidly.”

Owners & managers are looking for qualified, available prospective employees in their area.

Employers don’t want to sift through countless, often unsolicited or questionable resumes nor should they have to pay to find the right people.  
This site allows them to search for prospective employees based on location and job title.

Even if employers don’t have a job opening to post now, Melina made a really good point when she told me,”They don’t need to post a a job to sign up. It gives them the option to browse potential employees on their own time and when they add their bars & restaurants etc. to the site it increases their visibility so it’s free advertising.”

Service Industry Professionals:
People want better ways to seek work by showcasing their expertise and reaching more potential employers on a polished and ever-growing platform.

Even if you have a job now that you're happy with, the site gives you options to list your preference for what you're looking for. Maybe you only need a shift or two per week?

ie. (Check all that apply), Full-time, Part-time, Fill-in

Shift: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, Weekends

Members on the Employer side consist of, among others:
- Bar owners and managers
- Chefs
- Restaurateurs
- Hotel HR managers

- Event planners
- Caterers
- Food & beverage directors
- Cruise ship firms
- Resort directors

Also, private individuals and organizations that need skilled staff for a one night only special event.

There are so many job titles for those pursuing hospitality careers, and this site strives to promote them all.
Most members listed in the Employee pool fall into one of the following categories:
- Bartender
- Flair bartender
- Mixologist
- Bar manager

- Table service/wait staff
- Host/hostess
- Culinary professional
- Kitchen staff

- Restaurant manager
- Sommelier
- Maitre d’
- Concierge
- Front-end staff etc.

One cool thing about this site is that if you fall into more than one of these categories, you can choose them all and really stand out from the crowd.

You also can add a picture or pictures.

Melina and her team have designed their site to make recruitment fast, effective and user-friendly.

The job market pros at understand the frustrating and disruptive effects of a high personnel turnover rate as well as the fragility of new ventures.
Constantly changing economic conditions and fickle consumer tastes make it challenging to keep up with the times.

I’ve tested their site and hospitality pros looking for either part-time, full-time or occasional work, can easily post their profiles.
Employer-members can quickly pinpoint potential employees by perusing their profiles generated by basic location and job title criteria and then, contact a listed potential employee directly by either phone or email.
Melina says,"As all those in the service industry can attest to, being social is key.
In our case, that means unrelentingly endeavoring to expand, foster, promote and inform our network of members via
various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
You can boost your employment chances by clicking on the social media links and “liking”, “following”, “subscribing”, “commenting” and “sharing” (whatever the case may be)." contributes to another fundamental element of your success through the its News section and bi-weekly free newsletter.
Melina says,"By having our finger firmly on the Hospitality Industry's pulse, we strive to keep our members informed of Hospitality Industry news, trends and developments.
We do this by drawing from a wide array of reliable sources and by researching and presenting fresh and innovative ideas and topics.”

She goes on to say, ”We also believe in sponsoring events that help our members. In January we contributed bartenders to an international MBA case competition held in Montreal,
while in March we are assisting a wedding charity organization by assisting in fundraising and contributing the bar and wait staff for the event.
So contact us if you think we can help with your event."

So, my opinion is that this site is an up & comer that will help thousands of people and I recommend that you check it out & sign up and tell all your friends about it.

Who knows what great job opportunity or fantastic employee that may be awaiting you?
Go here to sign up for free www.Bartend.Com
and come back and tell us what you think.
Thank you
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