Next Stage In The Evolution Of Drinking? Vapor Spirit


Will this give bartenders another way to give better bar service?

What do you think your customers will think of it?

I’ve recently been researching the “What’s New & Cool” in the bar & beverage mixology world in my never ending quest of not only, how to become a bartender, but how to continue your learning so your bartending skills & knowledge will help you be great.

I have some interesting blog articles coming in the next few months and I’m beginning with the Vapor Spirit. I haven’t tried it yet but I am getting a personal demonstration next week. I’ll post in the comments section below on how it went for me. Here is what I've found out so far.


This cool looking new device transforms the way bar customers and people at home consume alcohol.
You’re now able to inhale the vapors of the alcohol and this provides people with a completely different experience than they are used to.

According to what I’ve found, when you inhale the vapor, you can really taste the subtle tastes of the spirit. Maybe we can look at it as new bartender tools of the trade or bartender supplies and you wouldn’t have to take any mixology classes to learn how to serve it.

So, if like wine enthusiasts and converts to molecular mixology, you want to enjoy all of the nuances that your favourite scotch or flavoured vodka has to offer, the Vapor Spirit will let you truly taste all of the flavours and aromas that you are inhaling. That sounds pretty cool to me.

Apparently, this process enhances the flavour profile of the alcohol you are consuming so you can taste the spirit and not the burn.

Their website says,”Vaporizing of the alcohol acts as another stage of distillation and the vapour inhaled has little to no impurities, almost no carbs and significantly reduces your chance of getting a hangover! The applications of the Vapor Spirit are endless and very exciting.
Bartenders and chefs now have access to a tool that will open a whole new avenue of creativity."



Guest blogger Thomas Hooley tells his story about his experience….

When I walked into my favorite watering hole the other week, nothing seemed out of place. The regulars were sat in the corner, discussing their daily lives, the pool table was being used by a young couple playing the game very poorly, and the bartender was busy prepping for the later rush of customers. Something, however, was different about the bar that day.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted three young professionals, two men and a woman, seated around a table, with a device I had never seen before adorning the center. Curious, I walked over to the three, and inquired about the curious device that appeared to be the center of their attention.


“This is a Vapour Spirit,” responded Jessica; a twenty-six year old Restaurant Manager.” It’s a new way to consume alcohol”, she continued, “It uses the process of vaporization to bring out the full taste of the spirit placed in the globe” she said pointing to the glass sphere atop the device.

“Yeah,” chimed in Paul, a twenty-five year old Accountant, “you just put the alcohol in the globe, place it on top of this metal ring, and light the candle in the pint beneath the ring.” Paul took a sip of his beer, placed it down on the table, and leaned in to put his lips around the acrylic straw protruding from the globe, and took a deep breath. He leaned back in his chair, and exhaled.

To my great surprise, no smoke emanated from his mouth. “Did you get anything?” I asked, “of course”, he replied with a grin. “Well, how do you know it’s working?” I pondered aloud.

Brandon, the third member of the group, finished his mojito and answered “you look at the condensation that collects on top of the globe.” “When the alcohol is vaporized, it rises to the top and collects, condenses, and then falls back into the spirit at the bottom, for the process to begin again.” “It’s kind of like the water cycle!” I blurted out, so happy to finally be able to put my elementary school knowledge into use.

“Pretty much,” Brandon replied with a smirk. With my attention now fully captivated, I asked Jessica about what differentiates drinking alcohol and consuming it in vapor form. “Well first off,” she replied, “consuming alcohol in vapor form greatly reduces the amount of calories consumed, because you’re not taking in all the sugar and other products that are present in the spirit.

Also, because the alcohol is vaporized, all the impurities are removed during the vaporization
process, which means your liver does not need to filter it for you, hence, virtually no hangover!

Plus, because it is absorbed without alterations from the liver, it begins to affect you much quicker than drinking it would.” Convinced I needed to try it for myself; I leaned in and took a deep breath from the straw. The globe, which contained a certain nautical themed spiced rum, produced a flavour that I could not believe had come from that particular spirit.

I had been told that the rum would produce a flavour of cinnamon and vanilla, but never believed it until that evening, where those two tastes danced on my pallet, and left me with a very smooth and relaxed feeling.

After spending some more time with the three, and taking some more inhales from the Vapor
Spirit, I decided it was time to call it a night, and exited the bar.

As promised, the next day produced no hangover, and I awoke feeling refreshed, energized, and ready for my day. The Vapor Spirit performed exactly as I was told it would; and I experienced the next stage of evolution in the consumption of alcohol.  


The Vapor Spirit is very simple to use and gives the user an amazing experience with absolutely no hassle.
Just follow these simple steps:

1. Light candle and put in pint glass.

2. Place custom Vapor Spirit metal ring around top of pint glass.

4. Use funnel to pour approx. 1.5 ounces of desired spirit into globe.

5. Place globe on top of the glass with opening facing up.

6. Let sit for 5-7 minutes.

7. Put straw into globe - Inhale deeply and hold for a second, then exhale.

* Please enjoy responsibly

** Statements made in this article are a prospective not fact. No scientific research has been done for this article.

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Tell us what you think of this new concept. Cool buyable/usable product?
Fad/gimmick? Would you like to try it? Have you tried it?

*** Since posting this, i've gotten a few questions/concerns RE: the health safety implications of inhaling the vapor. Not sure why it didn't occur to me in the first place but wanted to add the question. I'll be asking the distributors to post their comments below on this issue.

This is their response...

Hi Scott,
Regarding the health concerns on your blog. Please send me the link you would like to me comment on specifically and I will.

Here is our take on the concerns:
Looking at overall vaporization of alcohol consumption rates we feel our product is just as safe if not safer than drinking. Compiling data sets and studies from similar companies many of which vaporize alcohol at a much faster rate we are highly confident in the safety of our products. 

For example, vapshot, which is a much more rapid vaporizer of alcohol.
Each Vapshot consists of alcohol vapors contained in a 1-liter serving bottle. Using 80 proof spirits as a standard, the following are the tested absorption rates:
One (1) Vapshot 1-liter serving - Breathalyzer test one (1) minute after consumption results in a reading of less than 0.05%.

After 10 minutes, the levels are back down to 0.00%
Consumption of three (3) 1-liter servings one after another - Breathalyzer test one (1) minute after consumption results in a reading of 0.09%.

After 15 minutes the levels are back down to 0.00%
Using OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), one of the most respected and stringent standards as a guide, the following are test results from a licensed and accredited independent testing laboratory.

As shown, consumption of a 1-liter Vapshot every ten (10) minutes falls far below the set safety levels. Although the duration of the chart is only one (1) hour, OSHA provides for the same levels of ethyl alcohol in the lungs for eight (8) hours straight per day.

 I hope this will suffice.

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