Becoming A Bartender. Why Do You Want To Be a GREAT Bartender?

Becoming a bartender with barwoman Perri.

Becoming a bartender with barwoman Perri.

Average servers work in average bar jobs, get average shifts, complain about everything, and make average money.
Scott Young
What do you like about a bar job?
Why not be average? Why make an extra effort?
What benefits are there to continue your learning & bartending training?

Have you found your passion in your work?

What inspires you to do what you do?

When you were becoming a bartender, what have you personally seen or gotten because of a choice to continue to improve? 
What motivates you to care enough about the job and your life, to think about how you can be a better Bartender? …an exceptional Bartender?

( I say this to every bartending school class I teach )
Why are you here today? 
I believe that it is imperative to understand why we want to do something before we do it.  This helps us to focus and do a good job.  For example, did you know that dolphins are so efficient at finding food for themselves and their young that they have freedom from worry and can devote a large percentage of their time for just playing?

Doesn't that sound great?  That’s what I want to be, a dolphin.
I am Still Learning - Michelangelo & especially me, Scott Young ;)

When I work a bar job, I want to be the best at what I do so that I’ll make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time which gives me freedom from worry. 

I want to be the best bartender at my bar so that my employers will want me to stay,
give me job security, better shifts, raises, bonuses, flexibility of schedule and pats on the back, etc., all of which gives me freedom from worry.
I also want to be the best at my job because if I ever choose to leave my present employer, I want other offers lining up the same day, which also gives me freedom from worry. 

It’s a simple case of supply and demand.
The best have more fun, get better offers and more freedom. 
So, why not be the best?

So, tell us the story of when you were becoming a bartender.

What are your thought on this subject?

Do You Agree?
Do You Dis-Agree?
Do You Have Any Stories?

Post Your Comments & Share Below.
Thank you :)

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