The Ultimate Guide For Working Bartenders Book

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The Ultimate Guide For Working Bartenders Book


Scott Young brings you The BIGGEST & MOST REALISTIC Bartending Book Ever Written. It's 736 Pages, 1 ½ Inches Thick, 4 Pounds With 150 Expert Contributors. No Bartender Training Manual or Book is Remotely Like This One. Most are just cocktail recipe books.

This Bar Book Has Everything You Need To Increase Sales, Make More Tips And Become A World Class Memory Maker!

Change The Financial Future of Your Bar Now!

- Turn Bored Order Takers Into Knowledgeable and Profitable Salespeople
- Increase Check Averages & Bar Profits
- Increase Guest Loyalty and Repeat Business
- Create Positive Word-of-Mouth Advertising

"Real Scenario" Suggestions, Stories, Fun Facts, Psychology of Bar Interactions and the Science of Getting Bigger Tips that will make you and your staff the most successful bartenders in your city.

28 Sections With 532 Sub-Topics = 311,000 Words.
See Huge Table Of Contents

- Want It? Hire Us To Train Your Staff And Everyone Get's It. Our Instructors Fly To Your Bar.
Customized Training AND Testing 2-5 days. You Choose Topics. Way More Than Just Working Flair … Or Buy Now.
Hard Copy Only. Not an e-book.

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This is a HUGE Compilation of not just Scott Young's life’s work as a 25 year International Bar Trainer, But Also…
Major Contributions from Over 150 Seasoned Pro’s, Authors & Bar Trainers. 

A community of Bar Industry Experts that care about the professionalism in our industry. Averaging over 17 years of experience each. Many have 25-40 years of experience. Through in depth Interviews on 10 important topics, Chapters from their books, magazine articles, They have shared their Valuable Experience, Real Life Stories, Techniques, Best Practices and Strategies with Scott/You.

Owners & Managers: Buy one for each of your bartenders

I’m Scott Young and I created this huge learning program from the perspective that you and/or your staff are actually MY employees. It's in my best interest to help all of you succeed and to succeed HUGE!

With this book/manual and/or our private training seminars, my team and I do everything we can to increase the odds of success of each and every staff member.

When we do that, your operation will absolutely make more sales and have less waste/theft.

We require ALL of our Staff Members/Students to be at a very high quality level.
That starts with a wide knowledge base, a deep understanding of their chosen “Profession” 
and of course a fantastic attitude. Learning should be FUN! That’s how we make it.

Then, the quizzing & testing begins on everything they’ve learned to make sure everyone is learning & improving.
One section at a time.