Who are the Bartending Masters?

No one person is the bartending master. There is always more to learn, even for the most experienced bartenders. The “Bartending Masters” are a collection of highly experienced bartenders & industry experts who contributed to our eBook Series. Only the experts that have contributed to our first 2 eBooks are listed. We currently have well over 200 experts involved in our 10 eBooks in progress. They will be added here as we release more titles. Our community of seasoned pros offer you knowledge from decades of experience, hundreds of lessons learned, thousands of guests served, and millions of drinks poured. Why limit yourself to learning from one instructor when you can learn from our huge team of experts?

Our Founder


Scott Young -       Listen To Radio Interview

25 year bar industry expert. Bartender, Trainer & Author. Founder of TheBartendingMasters.com, ExtremeBartending.com & MixedDrinkRecipes.net. Made over 800,000 Drinks. Taught Advanced Customer Service bartending school courses in 16 countries, Created 25 bartending training course DVD's Sold in 100 Countries.



Adam Seger CCP

An alumnus of Michelin Starred restaurants Chez Julien in Strasbourg, TRU in Chicago and The French Laundry in Napa Valley, Certified Culinary Professional and Advanced Sommelier, Adam Seger takes a chef's approach behind the bar, being dubbed appropriately 'The Grant Achatz of Spirits'.


Adrian “Rocky” Noll

During her first 6 years working bartender jobs, Rocky has worked from Wash.D.C. to California in bars, bistros, & cruise ships practicing her innovative ideas for creating cocktails & becoming a bar “designer”.


Adrian Bacon

Bartender/Manager. Adrian has been in the business about 14 years, nine years of that was in Manhattan and the rest in Dublin.


Adrienne Daleyz

Bartender for 13 years


Alexey Balashov

10 years bartending. Varied bar jobs, flair bartender extraordinaire. Created Bala Show( Pro flair dance & eccentric bartenders) over 2,000 performances around the world. With: Bols, Johnny Walker, Bacardi. Passions are customer service & flair bartending!


Allan Ray Carandang

Bartender for 5 years.


Amanda Hockman

During her five years as a bartender, Amanda has mixed a wide variety of cocktail combinations for busy local tavern customers, and continues to build strong relationships with neighbourhood locals/regulars. Amanda enjoys familiarizing herself with extensive wine collections. 


Andrew Lutz

has been slangin’ drinks for 15 years and has seen the best and absolute worst bartenders. 


Andy Lakatos

After 8 years in the mobile bartenders business, Andy has founded an on-line store where you can buy those swanky, glowing tables & bars you see in Hollywood nightclubs & celebrity weddings.



Angela Balatoni

Born in Hungary, Angela has been working as a dedicated flair bartender in Germany for 18 years. Early on she came to Vancouver to take an ExtremeBartending seminar, then went home to study further & became a successful bar manager.



Anisa Scott

is a bartender in a sports bar with 18 years in the industry. Funny I have actually orders products from your site before and even suggested to the Legion I used to work for as they need new products and your site had them at a great price. Keep up the great work. 


April Ridge

has been tending as a primary job for eight years, but has worked in restaurant bars for 10. April has been working on a book called The Bar Napkin Series for about five years, full of interesting stories from being behind the bar and on the other side, or as April likes to call it “the dark side.” “It’s cool to be able to get a different perspective from different tenders in different styles of bars and bar jobs.”


Asad Mahmood

General Manager Montreal Hotel 4* U.A.E.


Barry Steib

Over 10 years behind the bar at many places, and has worked for www.ExtremeBartending.com bartending special events & trade shows. 


Barth Aaron

Barth is an attorney with almost 30 years’ experience in the casino-gaming industry. Over the course of 17 years, he has developed training material for high school and youth sports officials and provides training a couple of times a year in sports officiating, including "the art of verbal judo," or how to control a situation. 


Bennie Cash III

Bar Manager and approaching 10 years in the service industry. Bennie started on his 16th birthday as a bus boy and hase worked every position in a restaurant both front and back of house.


Björn Olsson 

Barman 29 years. Was Pres. Swedish Bartenders Guild, European Pres. International Bartenders Association. Bartending competition coordinator. 10 yrs Global Brand Ambassador. Teaches bartending school & Cocktails Nat. Swedish Restaurant University.



Brad Hintz

16 years in the industry. Service & Casino Consultant. 


Brad Kaplan

Began bartending jobs 10 years ago in Denver, Colorado. Done many bartending training courses, performed for celebrities & industry professionals. Won competitions, created his own company hosting well known flair bartending contests in the USA.



Brenton Smith

25 Years in the industry. General Manager. 


Brian Dougherty

10 Years in Restaurant and Bar industry, majority with the Keg Steakhouse and Bar as Manager. Participated in over 1,000 interviews.  Currently operating partner of one of BC’s largest Landscape Construction & Maintenance companies.



Brian Johnsey

25 yr hospitality industry. Busser, cook, manager, regional trainer of bartenders, front of house staff at Chili’s. Opened 50+ restaurants. Own/operate 5 restaurants in S. Carolina with full bar. Holds title “bartender of the beach” in Pensacola, Florida.



Brian Petro

is a cocktail culture writer, providing information on everything from the history of beer and wine to the latest trends in the industry.


Brian Rypien

During 17 years as a bartender, Brian worked 8 yrs at The Roxy w/Scott
Young, Hyatt Regency in Cayman Islands, The Keg, Spaghetti Factory, Pan Pacific Hotel. Current bar job is behind the wood at The Pinnacle on the Pier Hotel in N. Vancouver.



Carly Mika Smith

Flair bartender for approximately five years.


Catalin Munteanu

Has worked 9 years as Owner/Bar Manager/ Bartender/Bartending Trainer etc. – Is  the Founder, Manager, Mixologist, Bartender and Barista Expert at BartenderPHD.



Cathy Love

Working 15 years as a waitress, kitchen staff, & hostess, Cathy most enjoyed teaming w/Scott Young at the Roxy in Vancouver where she learned time management & how to judge drink needs of regulars & non regulars with just a glance.



Cecile Macasero

was a bartender for seven years at one of the Black Angus Steakhouses, where he also worked as a food server for four years. 


Chantal Parisi

has been in the industry for about five years, working as head bartender and managing bars. Chantal started in college and continues part-time.


Charles Oat

Owner/Master Trainer 20 years.  Owner CT School Of Bartending and Oat Media Group, Hospitality Industry Consultant, Team and Personal Development Coach. Hospitality Industry Customer Service, Motivational Speaker, T.I.P.S. Alcohol Awareness Trainer. Is dedicated to hospitality training, and providing hands-on training in mixology, bartending and alcohol awareness and developing top-notch personnel.


Chris De Marco

Was born and raised in Vegas and, for years as a casino floor manager, my income relied on tips. Brand loyalty means treating your customers or guests BETTER than family. Scott says, “This guy may not be a bartender, but he ABSOLUTELY ‘Gets It.’ ” 


Chris Dobson

20 yrs as GM & Bar & restaurant Owner. Owner/Operator of Winekeller, a food & wine craftery, in Niagara Falls. Put your people first, money/business will follow!” Scott Young says “one of the top 2 smartest hospitality industry people I’ve ever known”.



Chris Howard

12 years bartender experience, most of which took place in high volume bars. Approximately two years of his bar experience took place in dinner houses. Chris worked for Chili's as well as a trainer where he trained crews of bartenders at new store locations in California. He is also a former cook but prefers working the front of the house.


Chris Milligan

26 year career as a Sante Fe, New Mexico food, beverage & bartending professional. Family to fine dining, nightclubs, adult clubs, international chains. Cocktail competition judge, Winner of People’s Choice Award for Travel Channel’s “Best of the Road” show.



Chris Simone

27 years in the hospitality industry, Bartender for 10, bartended 3 at the Roxy, Vancouver with Scott. Customer service training jobs at restaurants & bars. Now General Manager of Weinkeller, a restaurant & wine bar in Niagra Falls, Canada with Chris Dobson.



Christopher Bird

MBA (Open), Dip (Open Mgmt.). More than 20 years’ hospitality experience predominately in five star hotels in the UK and Australia. Christopher’s roles have involved staff recruitment, training, customer sales, supplier management and refurbishments. To satisfy a strong interest in F&B, he writes and comments on blog articles and regularly participate in number of online hospitality forums. 


Christopher Sinclair

has been a bartender for almost 11 years now, working everything from clubs to lounges, from dive bars to hotel bars, from fine dining to not-so-fine dining. Christopher attended Bartending School and subsequently taught at the same school for about 4 years. Christopher placed and won multiple local and national competitions, currently runs a consulting company and is president of the Sacramento chapter of the U.S. Bartender's Guild.


Clint Pitts

With 16 years in the industry, Clint’s strengths have resulted in a successful career include leading and motivating people, training and developing both hourly employees and managers.


Clyve Cockhill

28 years in Industry. Clyve has been in the F&B business all his life, being born in it and following three generations before him. He has always been more in to the bartending side of it starting as soon as I could behind the bar when aged 16. Eventually, his other passion, travel, took hold, so he left for the Caribbean where he specialized in all kinds of cocktails, mostly the fresh fruit mixology so popular on sunny beaches.


D’Nai Walker

Has brought her positive attitude for 14 years; 10 in general hospitality, 4 in Spirits. Served as bartender, promo model, promo agency market manager & Key Account Brand Manager. “There are always options in life. If you don’t like something, change it!”


Damien Filth

has been a bartender, mixologist, intoxicologist, flair bartender and mixxxfit (my own brand) for 12+ years. He is a friend, business consultant, a listener, giver of advice, and can become your best friend; make your worries go away for the night, and giver of happiness. Damien loves creating and experimenting with a lot of different items into my cocktails, infusing his own liquor with any fruit, vegetable, candy, etc. 


Dan Bangay

20 yr career as a “glassie”, bartender & DJ in Melbourne, Australia. Traveled the world bartending, returned to Oz at Bobby McGee’s, then got a security license, worked security for 20 bars. Then became a bar supervisor and Bar Manager at Crown Casino for 7 yrs.



Daniel Lubin

was a casino dealer for seven years in the Las Vegas area, and currently has a casino game out (EZ Pai Gow). I’ll say this: both bartending and casino dealing can be rough, but often it is as rough as you make it. 


Daryl Brice

20 years in high volume bar jobs. Nightclubs, pubs, restaurants & music festivals as bartender, head bartender, bar manager & GM. Known for  highest sales records, doubling the value of businesses he managed. Also a Roxy bartender with Scott in Vancouver.



Dave Kelly

has been in the restaurant industry for 20 years. 


Davide Bilotta

Flair bartender nearly eight years, Davide has great respect for those who help young bartenders to become professionals and realize their dreams.


Dawn LaMaster

has been bartending for 26 years, owner of “On the Rocks!” bartending service, works in a night club, works with various caterers, and is a third-party trainer with the Indiana ATF.


Dawn Ottier

Started in the bartending industry over 14 years ago at the age of 22 working in a pub and has worn many hats simultaneously. Her bar jobs have included server, bartender & administration with a focus on customer service & satisfaction.



Daz-Miguel Mora

13 years in the industry. Brand Ambassador for Saturno Premium Cachaca (Brazilian sugar cane national spirit) for Australia and a Remixologist managing bars on contracts. ‘Bar-Requisite’ on YouTube is currently into his 7th episode of the first season based on cocktail and bar culture around Melbourne Australia. Called Bar-Requisite – all things bar and bar culture from both sides of the bar!


Dean Callan

10 years bartending. Trained over 4,000 bartenders, presented at bar shows around the world. Bar jobs in Ireland, Australia, China & the U.K. Aussie barman based in London, now Global Brand Ambassador to  Monkey Shoulder Scotch whiskey for William Grant & Sons.



Derek Startender (On Left)

Bartender for 13 Years



Dominik M.J. Schachtsiek

15 years experience. Beverage Manager at Ritz-Carlton JBR - Dubai. Well known for creating new beverage concepts & creative cocktail programs. Learned his trade in highly acclaimed bars which won such accolades as “World’s Best Bar, Best Bar in Germany”.



Donna J Ralphs

Has been in the industry since 1995, currently working as hotel lobby bartender but have been a bartender/manager at a local pub type setting as well as a bartender in two country clubs, one other hotel lobby + water park and also a huge nightclub complex (many themed rooms). 


Dorian Kaba

has been a hospitality consultant since 2009 after working and studying the field for almost 13 years. Dorian started this wonderful trip in Brussels, then decided to study Hospitality Management in Istanbul, worked in Swissotel The Bosphorus Istanbul in all positions as a trainee including kitchen, housekeeping, marketing & sales, FO, Concierge up to the GM office.


"Eddy" Eduard Kalman
Head bartender in Quids Inn in Coventry, UK, but I also work as a part time bartender in Club Heat. I started working in bars when I was 16 as a piccolo - glass collector, bartender's little helper - because in Romania you are not legally allowed to work when you're that young. When I turned 18 I had my first bartender job and I loved it! The drinks, the girls, the happiness on people's faces, their expressions when they drink the concoction you just made for them... seeing an occasional bar fight - but hey, there has to be a downside!


Eddie Pugsley

Bartender 15 years. Winner: Best Bartender in CT; Best Bartender in Westchester; runner-up, Best Bartender in NY. Eddie is the owner & managing partner of the Stephen Dennis Restaurant Group, and continues to train bar staff as an independent consultant and mixologist.


Eddie Vazquez

25 years’ experience in the industry. Current Bar Manager at West End Event Centre in Dallas, TX, where he is responsible for most operations: staffing, scheduling, event coordination, inventory, etc. “Bartending has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I am very passionate about it, and love to show the awesomeness of a bartender’s life.”


Eric Kingsley

Two years in restaurant service industry, 5 years in retail. Eric’s past positions include food and beverage server, bartender, host, and even bussing as is typical when starting. His most recent position though was front-of-house supervisor at a lovely restaurant on the ocean front in Tofino, BC.


Erin Ferreira

14 years in restaurant & bar industry. Held bar jobs from bartender to general manager. Works on the Las Vegas strip as a flair bartender for the Margaritaville Casino. 4th place against all the big boys at The Legends Of Bartending World Championship. Erin ROCKS!


Farah Jan Victoriano

Worked in the industry for 10 years. Farah was a bartender for Carnival Cruise Lines. She is happy and proud to be a bartender.


Federica 菲丽 Petrilli

Seven years in the industry, and worked as a bar manager for four years. Federica now does bartending as a hobby, and is glad to help new bartenders discover the true art of their job. Federica hopes that more and more young people will step into the service industry and understand that the service in general is an ART, and it is not for everyone.


Garrett Ladd

27 years in hospitality!!!! Garrett is a General Manager for a large sports bar in Denver, the Marketing Manager for 20+ bars, and I still bartends in spurts, filling in when its busy, training, or covering for staff. Garrett has been in the industry since he was 14, and is a board member for the Colorado Restaurant Association.


Garry Leavy

www.anytimeanywhereanydrinkny.com Anytime Anywhere Any Drink is Westchester County’s Premier Mobile Bartending Service. We provide a professional look to your party or event. We serve the entire Tri-State. We consult on all your party’s needs regarding alcohol and specialty drink menus. We provide professional-grade bartending tools, equipment and portable bars.


Gary Muise

25-year industry veteran. Now the VP of Operations of 20 operations with over 550 employees, he started out doing security while attending Acadia University and soon realized that on the floor and behind the wood was the place to be. He soon went to work as a bartender, and within three months, was promoted to Bar Manager. He then moved to Halifax to work at one of the busiest student bars JJ Rossy’s, where he I stayed with JJ’s for 11 years being promoted to the General Manager of 3 operations.


Gary Tremaine

28  years in the industry. Started bartending in 1986, and has worked in all kinds of locations: Southern California, Iowa, and now Colorado; fast-paced restaurants, night clubs, local watering hole pubs, concert venues, fine dining restaurants. Jokes, magic tricks, wit, compassion, empathy,  he gives it all to his customers. 


Geoff Menu

25 Years Behind The Wood
Creating Britannia Beach Ciderworks



Ghada Amer

Successfully completed “Communication Skills & Time Management” from the American Chamber, “Accelerate Leadership Programs” for Fundamentals, Build great teams, and Solve everyday problems, “Team Motivation Theories & practices”, as well as all the related Risk Management training to run a safe business.


Gioia Bartalo

Manager/Bartender for 3 years at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s  


Glenn Siegel
Food & Beverage Supervisor at Riviera Hotel Casino



Graham Kimura

Flairbartender/Mixologist for 14 yrs in San Jose, California. Worked in many bar jobs from Dive bars to Fine dining & everything in between. Formerly the 360 vodka Brand Ambassador. Competed in numerous mixology and flair bartending competitions. 



Greg Portsche

Masters of Beverage offers Beverage University: increase your beverage knowledge through a series of sophisticated training videos which uses animation to entertain and train while keeping the cost at a reasonable expense. 


Grover Reed III

Bartender in New York. Grover is super hard working and proactive, maintains a can-do attitude, superior work ethic, motivation, and sheer determination. He is always learning and honing his skills as a bartender, with a goal to continue to learn, grow, and excel in the service/hospitality industry.


Guy Lafitte

Over 30 years’ experience. Been behind the sticks at everything from cowboy bars to craft bars. I'm always looking to improve the art, researching old cocktail books, taking cocktail and cooking classes, even teaching classes at his local community center. 


Harrison Barr

Harrison has over 15 years in the industry from bar back to Roxy bartender working & playing with Scott Young. Scott Says, “I’ve always been honoured to work with Harrison. You can tell by his smiling mug that he’s a great guy and has a deep understanding of customer service . He also does a few celebrity impressions and I always bugged him to do his Sean Connery” 


Helder Filipe

has been bartending for about 20 years now. Also worked as Bar Manager, Consultant, Cocktail Mixologist/Bar Chef.


J.J. Jackie Elsbury

With over 12 years in the industry, Jackie Elsbury (J.J.) is a well-known flair bartender and bar manager in Utah. He was a General Manager for Wing Nutz, GM of the Bears Den Bar & Grill, and oversees bar operation, insures maximum profit, manages inventory, scheduling, and regulatory compliance with the D.A.B.C. and health department. J.J. has completed his schooling with a degree in business management. 


J.T. DeMeo

has been a G.M. for Night Clubs and Gaming Bars for 20 years, bartending the whole time. 


Jade Nicholson

12 years in total. Jade has been in the hospitality industry, starting off in a hotel at 14 years old! She is currently a Food & Beverage Supervisor at Supervisor for David Lloyd Leisure. Prior to this, was an Assistant Manager in an independent bar.


Jancy Nightingale

In the industry 8 years, Bartender, Hostess, Busser, Server, Barista, Designer, Student. Has Pursued a bartending certificate in 2010 and it’s been one of the best investments. Jancy creates seasonal cocktails and introduces guests to local beers and wines at Harvest, a farm-to-table restaurant at The Hotel Hershey, a 4-Star and 4-Diamond resort in Hershey, PA. 


Janet Robinett

Assistant Director/Marketing Manager at The International School of Professional Bartending in Kansas City, Missouri. After a 15-year background in Sales and Marketing, decided to get out of the corporate game and start her own Bartending Event Business. Went to School at ISOPB in Kansas City in 2010 and became a Certified Mixologist. Started JroProMix at the end of 2010.


Jeanna Van Tassel

With 15 years in the industry, Jeanna started bartending in her senior year in high school… everyone thought she was a book nerd! 


Jeff "Flip" Fralich

Started bartending 15 years ago in Duluth, Minnesota. Currently works for Club ADORÉ Miami, which will be opening as the hottest premiere Las Vegas customer service driven high-class venue in Miami. Is an active instructive for Elite Bartending School, as well as a Flair Trainer in the “Flair Hard Program.”


Jeff Langston

Started 220 Bartending (Facebook Group) - Bartender/Mixologist/Consultant with 7 years in the service industry. 


Jeff Reid

has over 25 years of experience in hospitality, management, ownership and operations and, in his career so far, has trained a workforce in excess of 500 people, and been responsible for sales in excess of $75 million. Jeff has also worked as a bartender with/beside Scott Young at the Roxy for many years as well as his manager, mentor, religious counsellor, fashion advisor, dog walker, and all around smart ass friend.


Jeremiah Holt Jr.

Owner/Operator of mobile bartending business www.justrightcocktailsnw.com & writer for magazines. Bartender/Casino Attendant at Wye West Bar & Casino. Hospitality Management Intern and cocktail server with 12 years in the industry.


Jesse Dewald

is just a lowly casino table games dealer, with 11 years’ experience now. Jesse finds it to be the ultimate test of ones ability in the guest service industry. Just like bartending, it is not a easy job. It is tough, mentally, and morally. While he doesn’t know much about bartending, he understands what it means to have to deal with a huge dynamic of customers.


Jim Brown

Close to 30 years’ experience in F&B, from Nightclub Bartender in the busiest nightclubs in Calgary to Executive Director of Food and Beverage with major hotel chains. Jim has worked as a General Manager for major restaurant chains, has owned his own bar, and has consulted for several nightclubs across Western Canada.


Joel Scholtens Lindsay

Approximately 22 years in the industry. From Sydney, Australia worked in Australia, Europe, Asia and America. Worked as a bar back, glassy, bartender, Mixologist, flair bartender, event bartender, head bartender, manager, represented liquor brands and corporate brands, consultant. Owns his own consultancy business (www.earthbar.org) and is currently Mixologist/ bar consultant to the Taj Palace Hotel, Hotel New Delhi and have many other bar professionals working in for me in the Industry in Asia.


John Ambrose

Hospitality Manager – over 13 years. My responsibility is to tend to guest needs for a pleasant stay!


John Knowles

Customer. John says, “I don’t have any experience in the service business, but more or less a connoisseur of spirits. I’m very interested in the history, the mixology, and just the environment of what creates a great atmosphere for the nightlife.”


John Peter Fyvie

Now a consultant for the Hospitality Industry after 48 years working. First went to NYC in 1964, at the World’s Fair: bus person, waiter, Rockefeller Luncheon Club waiter, captain, bartender often, passed sommelier exam in 1966. F&B Director and Exec. Assistant. F&B Director promoted to Hotel GM. Has worked with some of the world’s best bartenders over the years during the era of open pours, poor controls and martini lunches. It was the hard-booze times, like watching ‘Mad Men’ live from our side of the fence.


John Randles


Jon Heinrich

Has been in the food service/hospitality business since he was 16 and is now 56…so a REALLY long time.


Jorge Marquez

Has been a bartender for eight years, has managed and served as well. Loves the industry. Started working fast food when he was 16 and never looked back. During his whole career, Jorge always hoped for a mentor, but never got one. This site can provide a lot of the same qualities. 


Josh Jackson

Founder/Head Mixologist at J. Jackson: Mobile Mixologist – Nashville. Josh is passionate about the craft of cocktail design. His goal is to take YOUR event to the next level with top-notch bartending service and a customized drink to tailor your day and add memorable value for your guests!


Juan Lizarraga

Has bartended for three years now but has worked as a server for over five years at the same time, both in casual, upscale and fine dining restaurants.


Julia B.

Currently a bartender in Madison, WI, Julia has been tending bar and working in other service capacities for over 15 years.


Kamal Piyush  

Principal / Secretary at Institute of Hotel Mananagement Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition, Bhatinda, India. Held various positions and assignments with great success. Executive Manager at numerous places, General Manager- F& B Manager - Samrat Hotel, Manager - Ashok Hotel,General Manager, Director- Chandigarh College of Hospitality, Chandigarh Group of Colleges. Successfully turned around properties in Hospitality Operations.


Karen Young

20 years in the industry. As Scott Young’s mom, I have had the pleasure of working as office manager and then general manager of www.ExtremeBartending.Com since its inception in 1994. For over 20 years, I have been the voice (on the phone) of the company . In this role I have answered queries, booked seminars and performance gigs and taken orders for videos/DVDs from bartenders, managers and owners. I have been through and participated in more of Scott’s seminars than anyone other than Scott himself. I have proofread/edited everything he has ever written as well as been his main sounding board for his ideas. We’re best friends as well as business partners. And, as I am personally now in the “ageless” category, I have been a consumer in the world of commerce and restaurants & bars for many more years than you have, you young pups. Scott Says… hehe, I love you mom, you're the greatest!!


Kathleen Almeida

was a hospitality management student, graduated in 2013. Received honours in the class, volunteered at open houses. Has had seven years’ serving and bartending experiences through franchised locations, and also helped to open locations and created drink menus.


Katie Hutchinson

Currently a bartender and has been in the industry for seven years. Although only 25, Katie considers herself fairly seasoned, because seven years bartending feels like a lifetime!


Keith Purdy

Owns the oldest bartending catering service in Charleston, SC. Has been a bartender for 34 years working all over town from The Mills House Hotel to Kiawah Island to Austin, TX and St. Thomas, USVI. Keith has taught between 2 and 3,000 people TIPS or Bar Code since 1988 when he was the Instructor of Mixology at Johnson & Wales University. www.ASouthernBartender.com 


Ken Morriss

When he did customer service training in his casino, he used to tell the staff, “In our business we expect people to come in, lose money, be happy they lost money and want to return, to lose more money, and without great customer service, why would they?”


Kevin Birney

Enjoyed an amazing 20 years in the service industry working in 5-star hotels, world class nightclubs, restaurants, pubs and bars. Recognized very early in his career that caring for your customers’ experiences defined both your success and the success of your employer. People are quick to talk about going the extra mile but few actually do it, the great ones however do give 100% and the truly great ones do it consistently 100% of the time. 


Kevin Brown

Over 20 Years as Bartender, Server, Captain, Manager. Various fine dining , some casual theme. Also Walt Disney World Tamboo Lounge in the Polynesian Resort.


Kevin Mayo

All-around Flair Bartender with 12 years working in Las Vegas, 10 years Carnival Court, 2 years Margaritaville 5 o'clock Somewhere. Scott says, “two of the best bars with the best bartenders in the world.”)


Kevin Reuter

Over 15 years’ experience behind the bar that includes having served about every type of clientele there is. Has also had the pleasure of serving President and Mrs. Barbara Bush, but hase always loved to work in a place with a fast pace, loud music, and people having a good time.


Kristy Koehler

12 years in the industry. Started serving at 18, bartending at 19 as a way to get through university, but fell in love with the industry and decided to pursue it instead of a career in law. Has been bartending for seven years, owned a bartending school, and became incredibly passionate about the wine aspect of the industry. Now a Sommelier and Wine Consultant with certifications from the Sake Education Council of Japan, Wine and Spirit Education Trust, Court of Master Sommeliers, and the Wine Academy of Spain.


Kyle Branche

30-year veteran professional private bartender in Los Angeles and Author of "Life Behind Bars". Wide variety of bar job experiences in California is second to none, worked in bars, nightclubs, private clubs, restaurants, hotels, concert venues. Creates Cocktail Calendars.



Kyle Dill

Brand Ambassador


“Larry” Gilario Guevara

is also known as “The Saint” because of his seminary background ‘back in the days.’ Larry realized that there were more spirits behind the bar than in the church.  Used to work for TGIFriday’s, Manila, Philippines as flair bartender and in-store coach from 2003-2005, but is now working as a cruise line Flair Bartender for Celebrity Cruises.


Laura Fountaine

has been in the sales, service and training industry for 13 years as a Bartender and Owner. Laura just launched her business this year, Happy Girl Creations, which offers hosted bar services for special events and private parties of any size in DC, Maryland and Virginia, however her background is in service, training and accounting.


LeeAnne Homsey

is Teaching Waiters How To Make More!  www.bestcustomerengagement.com She started managing New York City restaurants and hosting New York City events more than 25 years ago.


Leka Bratotini


Leonardo F. Blundo

With 25 years in the industry, Leonardo has been the owner, manager, and is soon to be bar manager of Carmelo’s Bistro-Pizza-Fine Pastas. He started working jobs at 13 in the high school cafeteria, as well as salad prep/busboy at night. He is 28 now, and is showing no sign of slowing down! 


Les Hemingway

Manager and 40 years in the business.


Liam Shirey

has been in the industry for 15 years. As of now he is bartending and love (almost) every second of it. 


Lisa Cold

has been behind the bar for six years but only considered herself skilled and knowledgeable enough to consider herself a bartender for the past 3. Always learning!


Liz Luongois

currently a simple part-time bartender due to studies. Liz has 7 years in industry.


Louie Keen

24 Years In The Industry
Bartender to Owner to Author



Luciano Radelich

has been in the hospitality industry for 35 years now. His current position is a Food Service Director with ARAMARK Canada, but is also a red-seal chef, past owner of a microbrewery, restaurant and catering company.


Luis Grisko

is a bartender with 25 years in the industry. Thank you Scott and I appreciate the recognition


LuWana Hawley

Promotions & Events Specialist at Lucky Eagle Casino. I am always willing to share my knowledge in this area because that is exactly how I learned, from others. 


Marc Dehandschutter

has a background in hotel and restaurant management and been working in the industry for over 30 years. I started my work in Belgium and move to the states about 25 years ago.


Mark Kiyojima

has been a bartender and manager for restaurants, lounges, showrooms, nightclubs, catering operations, etc. for 10 years. Owned his own Beverage Consulting Company in Las Vegas, ProgressiveBar Las Vegas and worked as a Beverage Educator for the largest organic spirits company in the world, GreenBar Collective. 


Martin Duffy

Martin has 25 years in the bar industry. He worked for 12 years (4am bars, Med Taverna, Jazz clubs & hotel bars) until going full-time as the Diageo Master of Whiskey in Chicago 2003 to 2011. Recently he is the Benedictine National Brand Ambassador.



Mary Dunn

Has worked in an ocean-front, open-air bar for five years. The average age customer is 40-75, seriously! No other way to explain it than Spring Break for old folks. I will be working 12-plus-hour days and making BANK! 


Mathew Verhoeven

Over 25 years in the industry, and still counting. Has been a successful bartender for many years working in a 5-star restaurant in Brisbane, Australia. Has also owned a French restaurant. Currently sharing my love and appreciation for hospitality with ‘the new generation’ of workers in our industry.


Matt Hamilton

has worked in the service industry for 14 years. First started back of the house but made the switch once realizing where the real money was. Has Bartended in a variety of places from restaurants to lounges to nightclubs.


Matt Thomas

is currently an Assistant Manager (2IC) in a pub in Adelaide. He has been in the industry for just over five years.


Matthew Turney

Senior bartender at Jack’s Bar and Lounge, San Jose Ca. Floor manager at La Pastaia and Enoteca of the hotel De Anza, San Jose Ca. 10+ years invested in the service industry, many more to go.


Maureen McMahill

is a Seattle-area bartender at Bartenders Extraordinaire. Owner at Moe Town Espresso. 
Maureen has been in the industry for nearly 30 years and bartending for 23 of them. She also has a private bartending company in Seattle, WA.



Michael Olesen


Michelle (Simonson) Martin

Has been a bartender for a year and a half.


Michelle Devereux

bartends in Hampton, NH, and has been in the service industry for eight years. Michelle also grew up in a bar. Both her father and her uncle use to own an Irish bar so she knows a lot about the industry!


Mikaela Savolainen

has been in the service industry since 2000. She runs two nightclubs, Night Club Marilyn (est. 1991) & Night Club Vegas (est. 2006). Mikaela is responsible for example of our event planning & event sales, staff recruitment and basic training. Education background: Bachelor of Hospitality Management.


Mike Armstrong

Bartender & Owner. 30 years in the business. While he own Cocktail Cool LLC, he tries to introduce himself first and foremost as a bartender. Mike does a lot of training. He loves teaching. He taught English in Taiwan years ago and it laid down fundamentals for training done to this day. 



Mike 'Bullfrog' Summers

Vancouver Hospitality Industry Specialist - 27 year service industry vet, 22 years in Bar jobs. Part Flairtender, Part Beertender, Part Mixologist, High-volume - low-volume, 5-star to no-star. Shameless Self-promoter, Skilled Innovator, & soon to be Entrepreneur.



Miles Hilaro

Bartender/ Owner (Freelance business) 4 Years


Morgon Williams

In the hospitality business for over 20 years, bartending mostly in nightclubs but have used the skills and confidence learned in Extremebartending.com in a lot of aspects of my life. Has worked with and served some amazing people and made many friends and contacts along the way. Bartending has taken Morgon from Canada to the US and China, and currently works in Vancouver, BC. 


Nancy Bono ? Linkedin

Bartender 38 Years


Orlando Cano Gomez

A bartender Senior and trainer with 11 years of experience mixing, Orlando also represents the Mexican Academy of Mixology in Banderas Bay Area. The goal is to share and spread the word about Quality Standards and Bar Culture, from which the Director is Antonio Barroeta.  


Patrick MacLellan

has been bartending for eight years. Has managed a few times in that timeframe, focusing on managing and running either events/promotions or ladies night.


Paul Anthony Mooney

Food and beverage consultant/manager 30 years


Paula Lukas

has been in the bar/restaurant industry for over 25 years. Originally got into it part-time but then it became her passion. Has worked in all aspects from pubs to 2-star restaurants. Loves to travel and have been to over 30 countries. Has created many cocktails and signature drinks. Loves trying new food, wine and liquor . Paula loves what she does and has trained many bar and wait staff throughout the years. 


Peter Benjamin

is a brand consultant and financial advisor with over 20 years experience building brands and managing high net-worth clients. His Brand Success has been Sparkling NUVO ( sold to Diageo), and Hpnotiq (sold to Heaven Hill) www.sparklingnuvo.com www.hpnotiq.com with acquisitions to the tune of over 150 million and represents pop culture icons. 


Peter Kovac

Food & Beverage Manager at Bridges of Poplar Creek Country Club. Has managed the beverage and banquet end of the F&B Industry for 12 years at various locations. Bartended for 15 years prior to going into management. 


Peter Nehen

Director of Beverage at HGI – Mellow Mushroom HQ – Over 10 years in the business.


Peter Wilde

Started out at Hyatt Hotels as mgmt trainee, worked as dishwasher and waiter. Knows what’s required to take two empty restaurants and bar in one empty hotel and make them full, with one rated as the best restaurant in Philly. Can also speak to people and their performance resulting in highly-rated, highly-successful, high-end restaurants and bars making those people the most highly compensated people in their position in the market.


Philip Gillivan

28 years in the industry. Philip is a Pub Consultant specialist who works with Pubs who want to Increase Turnover, Reduce Overheads and Increase Net Profit. Philip also works with individuals who wish to own their own or lease their own pubs, helping them to avoid expensive learning curves. Philip's experience over the last 28 years in the pub trade has given him the expertise to help other pub owners and managers bring their businesses to a new level of efficiency and profitability. 


Raji Pine

14 years of bar jobs in the Boston industry. He started off as a busser and is now General Manager/Bartender but is Always a bartender at The Draft Bar and Grille. Works with Scott Young as a flair bartending course trainer & performer for Extreme Bartending.



Randy Turner

currently employed by Fuzzy’s Taco Shop as a bartender in Lincoln, NE, just of the UNL campus. 
He has, off and on again, 3 2years in the service industry, starting as a food service waiter in an NCO Club in Germany in 1980. “As long as I have a place to serve, I will be bartending.”



Rebecca Burr

8 Years in the industry with a degree in Hospitality Management 


Renae “Nae” Tsukamoto

With seven years in the industry, Nae is still one of the young guns in the industry, but has managed to figure it out pretty quickly, however not without some static on the way up.  Moved up from host to server, server to bartender, and bartender to manager.  Once she fell into the world of flair, became addicted, hence why she made the move to Las Vegas. 


Rhonda Bloom

Owner for 2 years  www.MudslingersBagofBrew.com


Rich Unger

Over 40 Years in industry. Director, www.promotingnightclubs.com.  Has been in media, nightlife, concert promotions, sales to bars/nightclubs/radio stations/sports bars and manufacturing, restaurant expansion, large event marketing, etc. I read over five newspapers a day and 15 magazines a month. I love these industries and have no problem facing issues, problems, with solutions and new element infusion.



Richie Cruise

14 years in industry. Hotel and Restaurant Administration at the University of the Philippines-Diliman. He realized that BARTENDING was the career path to take after seeing Tom Cruise’s classic movie, “Cocktails”, and has never looked back.


Rob Husted

has been bartending for over 20 years and Flair bartending, competing, organizing, judging and promoting Flair for over 14 years. Was ranked most accurate bartender in the world for 2004, finished 11th in the world and 2nd best American in the world for Flair bartending in 2005, and is one of six bartenders that represent the US for the Flair Bartenders Association, the CEO of Flairbar.com, the #1 resource in the world for Flair bartending and Mixology. 


Rob Streetman

29 years in the industry. Rob’s first bar shift came at a hotel in NJ during the summer of ‘85. His first instruction came from an old Irishman named Patrick. From there he went back to college and worked a restaurant across from campus, where he was privileged to serve Jimmy Carter frequently. After a year there returned home and helped open the flagship store of the Bennigans chain. After a couple years he went into nightclubs in Morristown. Also worked an Irish steakhouse serving 900+ covers daily.


Robbie Flair Turek

20 Years in bar Industry. Featured on National TV Show “Dr. Oz”. President Cleveland Chapter US Bartender's Guild, Co-Chairman US Bartender Guild National Flair Council. 3rd in America's Absolut Best Bloody Mary contest by Food Network's Chopped Show. 



Robert Wojcicki

Bar & Restaurant Specialist. Eight years as: Bartender, Bar Manager , Instructor ABC Bartending and Casino School & Title 4 Trainer Masters of Beverage Inc.


Russ Tighe

Over 15 years in the industry from bus boy, bar back, bartender to manager to GM etc. Director of F&B "Resorts", Assistant F&B "Great Canadian Casinos", Corporate GM "Prime Restaurants", Night Club GM "White Rabbit, Courthouse, Stixx and Club Ash" and F&B Consultant at many independent and corporate locations.


Ryan Keys

15 Years in the industry, Bartender/Trainer/TV expert on Bravo 


Ryan Millar

In the Bar, hospitality and flair industry for 14 years. Instructor and Trainer with Extreme Bartending for 13 years. Traveled all around North America and Internationally teaching and performing flair shows including numerous private parties (example Charles Simonyi inventor of Microsoft Word, Excel and The Playboy Mansion)


Scott Christian

14 years in the industry. Began at TGIFriday’s in 2003 as a server and was promoted to bar a year later shortly after his 21st birthday. First competed in the Friday’s World Bartender Championship in 2010, making his first world final in 2012. Has competed in flair bartending competitions all over the country and Canada, with wins at FBA Pro Tour Advanced Division and the Toronto Flair League B Division.


Sebastian Toader

was a bar manager at a small bar, now a regular bartender at a big club in our town. 6 Years in the industry.


Shatbhi Basu

Master Mixologist, Beverage Consultant, Freelance Journalist, TV Host. India's first professional & pioneering company dedicated to all things spirited. Runs workshops on Mixology, World Whiskey, Scotch & Single malt, Tequila, Beer & Wines across the board, Fun as well as Focused. Brand Strategy, Brand Launch, Brand Extension, Brand Training & Soft Skill Training Workshops. www.shatbhibasu.com 


Shaun Daugherty

20 years bar job experience from Ohio in the bar & restaurant industry. A bartender, bar manager, consultant, bartender course trainer. He is also the author of “Extra Dry with a Twist: An Insider’s Guide to Bartending”.



Shauna Farey

Current position is Hospitality Tutor @ YNH Services. Her passion is restaurant service, but has lots of bar experience as well. Has been working in hospitality in one form or another for 25 years, café, restaurant, bar, club (poker machines). Owned a restaurant in partnership from 2000-2005. Currently submerging herself in e-learning, using Web 2.0 tools to enhance training etc.


Shawn D West

General manager with 30 years in the business.


Slaven Macura

Currently Head Bartender/Assistant Bar & Beverage manager in a big 5* beach club. Also co-owns a cocktail bar. 14 tears in industry.


Stacie Cornwell

started bartending 7 years ago as a favour for an owner who was in sudden need for someone to take Sunday and Monday nights. Thinking these were usually slower nights especially during the summer, decided to help the owner out and thought it would be a great opportunity to learn, at least the basics of bartending. Pretty soon she found herself researching and creating her own cocktails. 


Stacie Little

is from Jamaica. Entered the bartending arena at the age of 17, and has worked in Jamaica, Las Vegas, and most recently in St. Kitts. She embraced the art of bartending and has travelled the world thanks to bartending. “Your name is everything. What will people have to say about you?”


Stephen P. Clarke

has worked as a barback in the Toronto nightclub industry for 13 years.


Steven Gallanter

is a bartender at Ramrod-machine in Boston, MA who poured his first drink in 1982. He has also managed and worked in other positions in those 30 years. http://stevegallanter.wordpress.com



Steven Leonard


Sunny Chana

Mixology & Flair Bartender!! Co- Founder of “Masters of Flair” Mixology & Flair Club Academy!! Director of “JM COCKTAILS” Bar service hire!!! Sunny has been Cocktail Bartending for over 10 years now!! She was fortunate to work and train with the 1992 TGIFRIDAYS UK Bartending Champion “Nic Manda” & the 1999 TGIFRIDAYS WORLD Bartending Champion “GUY MINSELL”. 


Sunshine Vekas

is a bartender and has been in the service industry since her first job at 16 years old, which would make it 20 years now. She’s been been tending bar off and on since the age of 22.


Suzanne Russell 

25 years in hospitality, especially in Front Of House.


Tawsif Dowla

is a leadership and management professional of 20 years with a lasting love affair with hospitality and service industry since 2003.  General Manager Prospect Point Café & Gifts, Daniel Hospitality Group, “The best hospitality company to work for in BC according to BC Business Magazine in 2012.”


Taylor McQuiston

www.ThePortableBarCompany.com Taylor writes about ways to help mobile bartenders and caterers grow their business through effective marketing. Learn how space-saving portable bars that draw attention, improve service, and drive sales can help you increase your catering or mobile bar tending business.


Terry Hughes 
is a very experienced individual with over 30 years in the industry…All the stations, dishwasher, busser & bar back while in high school. All the stations of the brigade in the kitchen, server, bartender through university, then, Dining Room Manager, Operations Manager, General Manager of high volume, fine dining & club operations, and currently Operating Partner. Has owned/operated seven successful restaurants over almost 15 years.



Timothy Styszko
has been Bartender at the Marriott hotel at the Renaissance Center in Detroit for over 10 years. Has worked at numerous establishments in the Detroit area in all aspects on the service industry, from Baker to Bartender. Loves to create wine and cocktail menus. Working in a large convention hotel allows for an ever changing mix of regulars and first time guests.


Todd Angman
Owner/ Operating Partner - Relish The GastroPub & Bar Vancouver, BC, Canada www.relishthepub.com 20 years in the industry. Started in the hospitality industry at 14 years of age as a dishwasher at Newlands Golf and Country Club in Langley, then moved to IHOP as a busboy, host, then eventually made it into the kitchen. Landed at Earl’s, and “that’s when my world got rocked and my eyes opened up to the potential of bartending.” Todd served and bartended for a few months before getting promoted to Bar Manager.


Thom Rigg

When he retired Thom was a Director of Slot Operations for Terrible Herbst in Northern Nevada. He spent 19 years in various slot departments around Reno, Sparks and Lake Tahoe.


Tony Hardwick

His position is bartender/recruiter, and has been in the industry for 26 years.


Todd Stuart

General Manager. 7 Years in the Industry


Tore Berger

Over 25 years in the industry. Bartender, Waiter, Manager, Consultant. Maitre’d for Color Line Cruises (Norway). Bar & beverage menu planning/settings. Counselor/teacher/judge for waiter diploma students, since 2008—Judge in drink/bar technique competitions. Lectures/training in bar, wine, spirits, service. Writer of beverage articles in various settings (Papers, magazines, company letters, bartender web sites + + )


Torrence Swain

has been back in the service industry since ’09 and just recently became a craft bartender. Is currently a bartender at Farmers Fishers Bakers in Georgetown, Washington DC, in a pre-prohibition and Tiki-style cocktail program and looks forward to mastering the old styles of making cocktails.


Tucker W. "Bill" Main 

40 Years In the industry as corporate bar trainer & consultant. Tucker has extensive "old school" experience in that he started as a bartender at 23 with a BS in Economics and a determination to be an entrepreneur. Forty years later, Tucker believes there are few people in the industry with the depth of knowledge and experience that he has; hundreds of systems, concepts, insights, protocols and disciplines accumulated over all those years, and have written extensively.


Ulric Nijs

Brat-tender for about 16 Years, started in Japan and travelled across the world in bars & distilleries, eventually became a trainer & brand ambassadors for some of the big boys for the past five years in the Middle East and South-east Asia.


Valentine Barboza 

From  India, Bombay. 22 Years of experience in cocktail bars. Education - Lab London. Passed beverage auditors program from Canada. Started work in Mumbai at the Taj Mahal as bar back. Worked as a bartender in the following Sheraton Oman, Sheraton Dubai, the metropolitan Dubai, marine beach club Dubai.


Vicki Pecora
grew up in nightclubs. Her family consists of musicians playing everything from bluegrass to jazz to Dixieland. As she grew older she began to help the bartenders, clearing tables etc.  When the customers realized the entertainers were my parents, they would tip me on the side. Legal age of bartending was 18. She became one, and has been ever since. Has been the director/instructor/sales of a bartending school for many years, and now has her own training school about to take off to further enhance the hospitality industry.


Vincent Yong
Food and beverage is his passion and he’s doing his best every day to learn and grow. As a Bartender, he will be joining a Japanese luxury restaurant named “Waku Ghin” at Marina Bay Sand Singapore. Has been working in the industry for 7 year so far, and has learned much worked from cafes, Jazz Bar, 5-star hotel. 


Von Scheller
is a flair bartender at E11EVEN MIAMI, a $44 million 24/7 nightclub in Miami. Has been in the industry for almost seven years. Represents the USBG of West Palm, and is currently in production of a YouTube series featuring hardworking individuals and the places they work in the  industry! Has worked as a barback, then quickly moved into bartending, and has worked in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and is now in Miami. 


Walter Fabiszewski
20 Years In Industry. Head Bartender at Il Lugano Hotel in Fort LauderdaleHas been a bartender/bar manager for 20 years. Primarily worked for private restaurants/bars; however, has worked for a few of the big chains.


Webb Sanderson
Founder and Publisher of BOH•FOH USA as well as The House Social Community for the Service Industry. Over 30 years in this business and worked every position there is, including Owner (twice). www.facebook.com/BOHFOH 


Wendy Durden
Is a Lead Slot Shift Manager in Reno, and has been in the gaming industry for over 27 years. Also spent time in fast food, casual dining and did a stint as a bartender during college. 


William “Jono” Firstbrook
Bartender in the Cayman Islands. 8 years experience. Working flair and competitive Flair Bartender.


William Shankland
Bill the Bartender- Owner, www.billthebartender.com. I have been bartending off and on (mostly on) for 30, a lotta years!