Scott Young - Who is this guy?


In 1994 he founded Bar Smart Inc. which evolved into (the 4th bartending related website on the internet) and now his new company below with ALL his products and hundreds more from other trainers.

He is considered by many to be the pioneer for standardized training for Practical Working Flair Bartending. ( See TV Interviews )

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Accomplishments | Experience

  • 28 Years in the Industry as A Bartender, Trainer, Author, Featured Speaker & Video Producer.
  • Author of Over 25 Books, Study Guides & Work-Books ( Available Soon In Above Library )
  • Made 800,000 - 900,000 Drinks, Mostly in a High Volume Nightclub... made a lot of mistakes, learned many valuable lessons in how to do things the right way :)
  • Trained Staff In Customer Service Excellence & Practical Working Flair Bartending
  • Performed Flair Bartender Demonstrations in 16 countries, 9 provinces in Canada, 27 States in the US.
  • Featured in over 400 TV & Radio Interviews, Magazines & Newspaper Articles
  • Bar IQ Says,"Scott Young remains atop the charts as one of the most reliable sources of quality training material on the Internet.
    So if your beverage operation has lost some of its vitality and could use a serious infusion of pizzazz—along with a significant boost in revenue, for more information visit his website at"
  • Performed at Playboy Mansion :)
  • Judge at countless World Bartender Competitions including:

    • Quest for The Best Bartender In The World

    • Legends Of Bartending World Championship

    • I.B.A. Bartending Contest in Singapore

    • Working Flair World Championship- Cayman Islands


  • Performed at the I.B.A. Convention in Toronto, Canada. With Michael Olesen.

  • Board Member -Tourism Standards Consortium Western Canada (P.R.I.T.)  Helped draft Bartenders Professional Standards Guide Canada

  • Full Chapter Featured Scott in book "Beverage Biz Is Show Biz" by Dave Steadman

  • Author of Many Articles in the Bartending & Hospitality Industry including:

    - Nightclub & Bar Magazine
    - Bar & Beverage Business Magazine 
    - The Publican
    - ClubVibes 
  • Scott Interviewed Over 200 Expert Hospitality Industry Professionals With an Avg. of 17 Years of Experience when researching and compiling information for his Book Series - Ask The Experts. They consisted of Expert Bartenders, Trainers, Managers, Owners and Brand Ambassadors From Around the World.

  • Nightclub & Bar Magazine says Scott Young & Team are "The World’s Leading Ambassadors of the Flair Bar Arts"

  • Regular Featured Speaker & Demonstrator including:

    • Nightclub & Bar Magazine Trade Show Vegas, USA

    •   Bar & Beverage Magazine Expo Canada. 


  • Flair Bartending Consultant on Hollywood Movie "Bottoms Up".

    - Our Instructors Micah Dew & Tyler Tronnes were "Flair Bartending stunt/body doubles" And Karen Young, Mom, was an on camera Judge.

  • Author - 135 page Bartending Training Manual and Consulting Booklets Below...
    - 22 Steps to Become a Full Package Extreme Bartender - Serving Drinks With Style
     - Tips for Managers & Owners
     - Setting Up Your Bar to Be Extreme.
     - Getting the Most Out of the Training after we leave
     - Training, Testing & Rating System
     - The 10 day Flair Bartending Challenge

  • Worked In A "Special" Ladies Only Lounge Night Club in Waikiki, Hawaii selling champagne & giving out roses… Chippendale Style


Additional Honors & Awards

  • 1998 & 1999 Most Influential Flair Bartender In B.C., Canada - The Bar Masters Tour Pernod Ricard 
  • 1998 Only Bartender Selected to Represent Canada in the Havana Club Rum INTERNATIONAL BARTENDING COMPETITION in Havana, Cuba
  • 1999 The Most Impact Internationally as a Trainer - The FBA Flair Bartenders Assoc. Awarded at the LEGENDS OF WORLD BARTENDING CHAMPIONSHIPS Las Vegas
  • 2000 Award Of Leadership- Las Vegas - Recognition Of Proven Leadership In The Food & Beverage Industry - National Bar & Restaurant Management Assoc.
  • 2000 Star Of The Show - In Practice National UK TV Show
  • 2000 Award Of Leadership-Orlando - National Bar & Rest. Mgmt. Assoc.
  • 2001 Best New Contest - Working Flair World Championship- Cayman Islands. The F.B.A., at LEGENDS OF WORLD BARTENDING CHAMPIONSHIPS Las Vegas, Scott & Brian Dougherty
  • 2000 Award Of Leadership-Vegas - National Bar & Rest. Mgmt. Assoc.
  • 2005 Hot Shot Bartender of Canada - April Bar & Beverage Business Magazine


Robert Plotkin
Author, trade writer and beverage consultant- www.Barmedia.Com

In Scott Young you have the best and brightest the on-premise industry the industry has to offer. I've know Scott for more than 15 years and during that time he has remained in the upper echelons of the business. 

He is the man to turn to when training and educated bartenders and servers. His books and training videos are spot-on and widely relied upon in operations large and small. 

I hereby recommend Scott Young and Extreme Bartending without hesitation or qualification for darn near any job that needs to get done. Seriously.


Jason Jelicich
Director at BePresent Enterprises

Scott Young is a man who has had a passion, developed a talent and - perhaps hardest of all - created a sustainable business from both the former. I came to know Scott during the formative years of theprofessionalisation of the bar/ hospitality scene across the US & Australia (where I am based) in the last 80's/ early 90's.

Scott understood that there was a growing market of individuals & businesses that wanted to capture the attention & imagination of their guests through the art & science of showmanship - or flair -bartending.

He developed video series where there was little or none. He developed a website to inspire other and create community. He stood up, used his smarts and made an indelible mark on the development of professional bartending through the 90's and eighties.

Scott's reputation, commitment and passion for what he does has been an inspiration for me and many tens of thousands of others.

He can truly be proud of the impact he has made in his field - and no doubt even outside of his field - as he continues to inspire others to master what they do and thereby learn to love their lives.

Ian Sutherland
Previous student of Scott’s and then Instructor/performer on videos

Scott teaches customer service the right way. Not only does his training series teach the most incredible Extreme Bartending on the planet, it also helps transform its students into customer service magicians.

If you're wondering or debating spending the money on these videos or books, stop it. The skills you gain will pay you back in weeks, if not days.

Charles Stewart
Bartender, EFL Tutor/life long learner-communicator,relationship builder

I Highly recommend Scott and I traveled to Vancouver BC for a weekend Flair course conducted by Scott and his instructors. In one word the experience was AWESOME. They were fun, friendly, professional, engaging, and knowledgeable. As a group and individually they epitomize what bartenders should be. The flair tending was icing.

Vance Campbell
Operations Specialist at Rising Tide Consultants

I have known Scott for almost 25 years, having met him when he was a very energetic young man, seeking a meaningful career in the Hospitality Industry. Scott worked for me at the Granville Entertainment company and The Roxy Cabaret Night Club for many years.

He was the absolutely best employee I have ever hired over the span of my 45 year career in this industry.

He is loyal beyond reproach, is absolutely honest, and above all has integrity. I define integrity as "doing what you say you are going to do by the time you say you are going to do it.” Scott has never made a promise to do something that he did not fulfill.
In business, he is well respected as one of the leading trainers of Flair Bartenders world-wide. His clients bring him back again and again, I suspect, because of his zest to serve.

He is the author of a number of excellent training videos which he markets through his company and has traveled the world inspiring others at multiple Trade shows and in service of business clients.

I highly recommend Scott as an honest, reputable, dependable and trustworthy human, who just happens to be one of the nicest persons I have had the pleasure to meet in my life.

Vineet Mishra
Owner at

Scott is a renowned bartending heavyweight and has been in this industry for more than 20 years.

Before the art of bartending and mixology was even an 'art', he has been there, he has done it all.

He has been one of the main proponents of this craft for several years, promoting and visualizing about how to mainstream the art of bartending through out the globe and nonetheless to say, he has achieved it.

He is a true visionary and a patron and has a great understanding of our program and a great appreciation of what it takes to truly foresee and built a successful and flourishing ground for every bartending enthusiast.

He also the owner of which is an oldest and largest space for all kind of bartending info. We thank him for his admirable contribution in this industry and leaving a rich lineage for future bartenders and mixologists and also manager of our online Linkedin community of

Jim Brown CFM
Hospitality Professional/Director of Food and Beverage

If you want to Ignite you Buisness and give your guests that WOW experience, I recommend Scott and his talented team at www.ExtremeBartending.comI met Scott in 1994 and took his course in flair bartending, since moving into management I have used his training videos for training my bar staff.

Matt O'Donnell
President & Event Producer - Tantalus Productions

I've had the pleasure of working with Scott and the team at Extreme Bartending since their inception.

Scott himself and many members of his team have provided outstanding service to my current and past companies. This is a most unique form of entertainment (coupled with the highest level of hospitality service) that has added the WOW factor to many events I have produced over the years for clients like…
- Citigroup
- Porsche
- Sony and other large corporations that expect only the best.

I am more than happy to recommend Scott and his company Extreme Bartending as the undisputed leader in the industry.

Their longevity and repeat clientele are a testament to the excellent product they provided, and the service they deliver.

Phil Franchewski
President of Franbrewski Distributing

Scott has been in the nightclub and bar business almost as long as I have over 25 years and he is a constant professional and extremely talented in Bartender training and public speaking. Scott has put a lot of time and effort in his training videos and is a joy to watch in his Bartending skills! I would recommend Scott to anyone that needs help with their Bartender training and Mentorship.