Training Seminars At Your Bar – We Fly Everywhere

We Specialize in Training ALL Front of House Employees. We have Options to fit your budget.
Tell your bar manager and we could be training you and your whole staff personally. Contact

New HUGE Master-Class Training Manuals. Blue=Bartenders White=Server/Waiter/Waitress

New HUGE Master-Class Training Manuals. Blue=Bartenders White=Server/Waiter/Waitress

After 20 years of training staff around the world, we teach way more than just flair bartending and we have many expert instructors across the US and Canada.

Watch some TV Interviews here… www.ExtremeBartending.Com

We Will Customize Training For Your Needs. Whatever you need taught, we can train your people.

We often do a 3-5 day training for Grand openings or for anytime of the year. Ie.

Day 1 – All front of house staff – Get absolutely everyone on the same page. All servers, bartenders, bar backs, hosts/hostesses/bussers/security/managers, Owners… Everybody who will be in the public eye in one big classroom discussion setting.

Day 2 – Only Bartenders, bar backs, bar managers – All Master-Class topics in classroom discussion setting.
( No Flair )

Day 3 & Day 4 – All Intelligent Working Flair – In a big open space, with our unbreakable practice bottles, glasses & shaker tins. Some behind the bar practice as well.


Choose from 2 days up to 2 weeks training depending on your needs.

We have separate Manuals, Study Guides/Workbooks and Tests…

150 Experts Have Contributed to these HUGE One of a Kind Training Manuals for a Career.

A) Server/Waiter/Waitress - 524 p. Manual ( $99 - Coming Soon- Individual & Group Rates )

B) Bartenders & Bar Backs/Porters – 730 p. Manual ( $99 - Coming Soon- Individual & Group Rates )

These NEW manuals represents not just my life’s work, a compilation of all my books/manuals/articles/blogs & research, but also snapshots of wisdom from 150 Seasoned Pro’s, Authors & Bar Trainers. Avg. 17 Years of experience each and up to 25, 30 & 40 years +.

Included In Manuals:
- In depth, candid & uncut Interviews on 10 important topics
- Whole chapters from their books
- Magazine articles & blogs they've written

These 150 full on industry Pros have shared much of their experience & written content with me so I can continue to increase the level of professionalism in the industry that we all love so much.

The primary purpose is to show how you can make more money every night, for your bar and yourself, by being exceptional and taking pride in your career and by continuing to learn every day.

These new manuals are complete and useful "Encyclopedias of knowledge" for each job title. They will help you and your staff improve and deliver consistent excellence for years to come.

C) Intelligent Working Flair Bartending – 135 p. Manual

-       Helping your Staff Create an Exceptional Customer Service Experience For Every Guest

-       Practical Working Flair Bartending that won’t slow down service and is very low or no risk.

Learn How To…

-       Increase the sales for the bar

-       Make more tips for themselves ( Which drastically decreases theft )

-       We teach your people how to be Hosts and Professional Salespeople,

Not just Bored Employees and Order takers.

When every staff member goes out of their way to take care of the customer, customers feel like guests.

Guests stay longer than customers, spend more, tip more and promote your business for you to all their friends.

We will go above & beyond & do everything we can to help your staff become exceptional.

Thank you for considering our company, our top expert instructors and our constantly evolving training programs.

You won’t be disappointed.  Scott Young